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About Us

The art of writing begins with kingsure stationery


Qingdao Kingsure Stationery Co., Ltd. founded in 2014, is located in Huangdao District, Qingdao City. It is a comprehensive stationery manufacturing enterprise integrating product research and development, product and mould manufacturing, and domestic and overseas sales and services.

As a leading supplier of writing instruments, Kingsure has a large plastic injection workshop, filling workshop, printing workshop, blister workshop, packing workshop, advanced metal tip workshop and precise mould workshop. Most of the functions are automatic.

Since its establishment, the company has devoted itself to manufacturing and innovating writing tools, including free ink fountain pen, roller ball pen, highlighter pen, correction pen, ink cartridges and other products.

After years of experience and development, our original intention is unchanged with the gradual expansion of Kingsure factory. We are continuing to explore to develop fashionable middle and high-end stationeries.

In Kingsure, our staffs are our assets; therefore, their welfare and growth is the company’s paramount factor.


    Kingsure is a reliable partner to many customers worldwide. It will always find the best solutions & technology to improve its customer service


    To be a credible manufacturer of writing instruments that will be useful for everyone of all ages


    Identify staff who contribute selflessly to the company’s growth and reward them accordingly


    Kingsure will invest in training for staff at all levels. With enhanced knowledge and skill, we believe we can fulfil our customers’ requirements efficiently .


    It takes a village to raise a child. Keeping that in mind, Kingsure will contribute to society by helping needy children to be better when they grow up


    Create a safe working environment and educate the staff on safety measures to create a harmonious working environment

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